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In april this year we visited Israël with the whole family. Thanks to our guide Aynav we got to see a lot. Starting in Tel Aviv we then went to Haifa, Caesarea, Akko, Lake Tiberias, Eilat, the Dead Sea with Massada, En Gedi to end our journey in Jeruzalem. Thanks to the hospitality of the Ziv-family it became a remarkable trip. I hope you enjoy these pictures and please leave your comments.
Tel Aviv, city lifeTel Aviv   Craft workTel Aviv  view from JaffaJeruzalem, Mountain of OlivesJeruzalem, Mountain of Olives cemetaryJeruzalem, Mountain of OlivesJeruzalem, mountail of OlivesJeruzalem, Temple MountJeruzalem, Temple MountJeruzalem, Temple MountJeruzalemJeruzalem; Temple MountJeruzalem, Temple Mount & MoskJeruzalem, city lifeJeruzalem, Old city wallJeruzalem, Old city wallJeruzalem, Old city wallJeruzalem, Jaffa GateJeruzalem, Jaffa Gate